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SkyWestOnline Login Registration and Password Recovery Details

The employees of Skywest Airline can login to their online portal skywestonline.com where they can perform their job related task easily, and also to see their progress and day to day job tasks.

SkyWestOnline Login

To login to the online dashboard of SkywestOnline.com you need to visit this link and follow the procedure given below to skywestonline login.

The skywestonline portal will look like this

skywestonline account

Here enter your ‘Employee ID’ in first field and your password in second field.

Now enter the text shown on image in third field. This will help the skywestonline.com to avoid any spam attack

Then click on ‘Sign In’ button

You will be redirected to your sky west online account where you can perform your tasks easily.

SkyWestOnline Account: Forgotten Password

Follow the following procedure to recover your forgotten skywest account password.

First visit the skywestonline.com login page.

Now at the bottom you will see the ‘Forgot your Password?’ link. You just need to click on it.

A new window will open and it will look like this.

forget password

This is the first step which is user validation. To complete this step enter the information below in given fields:

  • Employee Number
  • Hire Date
  • Birth Date
  • Last 4 digits of your SSN

After entering these details click on ‘continue’ button. You will then move to second step where you will reset your forgotten password. Follow the instructions given by sky west online portal management to complete your password recovery process.

SkyWest Online New Account Registration

If you are a first time user and employee of sky west then you need to register new account. To register, first go to login page and click on ‘Register’ button at the left bottom of login page.

Before entering to online registration, you will need to accept the terms and conditions of skywestonline.com. For this scroll down to the end of page and click on ‘I agree’ button. It is advised to go through all the terms and conditions. The form that will appear after accepting the terms will look like this.


The first step of registration is the’ Employment Verification’. For this enter the following details in respective fields.

  • Enter the ‘Employee Name’
  • Select the ‘Birth Date’ from form
  • And enter your SSN at the end

After entering all the details click on ‘continue’ button. On next step you will need to set up your account details. Follow the instructions given by sky west management to complete the registration process.

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